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    Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is the brand to approach if at any point you require carpet cleaning services in Brisbane. We are from among the highly renowned and best carpet cleaning firms in Brisbane. We are the first name that comes to our customers’ minds when they think of hiring someone for professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane. Even if your carpet looks clean and you think it doesn’t need cleaning. You need to think twice. Carpet cleaning services on the contrary, make use of high-end cleaning technology that takes out even the minutest germs and microbes residing in your carpets. The carpet cleaning team at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane specializes in carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet restretching, mould removal and many more procedures that are required for carpet maintenance. Our customer tech support is extremely helpful too. They ensure you get every detail right from enquiry to any post-treatment procedure if at all required. They run you through all the formalities and steps required to ensure you an excellent and professional carpet cleaning service outcome. You can book your appointment on 0480090827 or fill in your details on the form available on our website. And we would be happy to call you.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are the solution to your professional carpet cleaning services near me google search! We have earned a good name for ourselves in this industry with our excellent professional carpet cleaning staff and the timely dispensing of all carpet cleaning services at strictly affordable prices. Our carpet cleaning treatments and services provide a long-term protection against germs and pollutants.

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    Our carpet cleaners are known for their strictly professional and systematic cleaning approach.

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    Emergency carpet cleaning services are also available for clients at the same pricing.

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    We only hire licensed carpet cleaners for all carpet cleaning services. We see to it that they strictly adhere to the Australian cleaning standards.

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    The habit of using advanced and sophisticated cleaning technologies has made us the best carpet cleaning facility in Brisbane.

    Our industry standards and experience in providing professional carpet cleaning services to Brisbane residents make us stand out from our competition.

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    Importance of Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    We at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are fully aware of how carpets take in a lot of dirt and dust from everyday use. Regular vacuuming the carpets helps in keeping the dust and dirt away, but the other underlying issues can only be solved with the help of these professional carpet cleaning services. We at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane have technicians that have expertise in handling carpets of different makes and materials. That includes nylon, polyester, linen, velvet, silk, etc.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    We at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane only make use of non-toxic and organic products for each client. However, we do advise you to remain out of the property for your own safety while the carpet cleaning service is on.
    Our dryers used for carpet drying post the procedures are highly powerful. But it is best to stay off your carpets and keep pets also away from them for an average of 5-6 hours.
    Carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery gather unbelievable amounts of dust, dirt, microscopic particles. These unruly elements destroy the hygiene and safety of your furnishings. Hence, we recommend each client to get their carpets cleaned twice every year.
    That depends on the number of rooms, carpets, the size of the carpets and the damage that has to be repaired. Usually, Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane technicians take around 30 minutes to clean one room.
    5-6 hours is the minimum time the carpet will take in drying fully. Your carpet needs to be fully dry before pets or children step on it. However, if you absolutely have to use the carpet then make sure to wear clean socks before stepping on it, so as not to put new dirt on the carpet.
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    Carpet Cleaning Process followed at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    We at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane follow a set carpet cleaning process to make your carpets free of any stains, smells, pet urine marks, etc. properly from the carpets.
    For your benefit and ease, we have listed down the carpet cleaning process that we follow:
    • Our team of professional carpet cleaning service experts first provides a complete inspection of the carpet, underlay, and subfloor. After which they blot out the stains with a clean damp cloth. This is done to remove the excess stains and also for preventing them from going deep into the fabric.
    • Further, stain removal is done with the help of a cleansing agent which is applied with a rotary brush for better results.
    • The carpets are cleaned with the help of vacuum cleaning equipment to allow better absorption of the cleansing agents. After which they are washed off with high-pressure hot water.
    • We dry the carpets thoroughly with high-end dryers. A specialized cleansing agent to prevent stains from damaging the carpets again in future is also applied thereafter.

    Services We Offer


    All types of stains are removed from your carpets here in Brisbane!

    Stains are a very common occurrence in houses that have pets, children and carpets! You cannot control the occurrence of stubborn stains but you can certainly take remedial action as soon as possible, without wasting much time. After all, taking out newest stains is easy and favourable, whereas, removing old stains that have been left unchecked is difficult. But not every carpet-owner is as proactive in carpet maintenance and stain removal so we offer stain removal as well in any professional carpet cleaning service that we sell.  Book an appointment with us to avail this service.

    Nail Polish Stain

    Nail polishes leave stubborn stains wherever they drip while applying! Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane provides nail polish stain removal service as well for stain removal from your carpets. Our services are available 24X7 rug across all the suburbs of Brisbane for the comfort of our clients.

    Blood Stain Removal Service

    Blood stains occur due to pests like bedbugs and other nasties that bite. Our carpet cleaning specialists are also skilled in removing blood stains from your carpets at affordable prices. They are armed with high-end tools required for blood stain removal with efficiency and ease from your carpets.

    Ink Stain Removal Service

    Ink stains do not leave the carpet fabric easily. Hence we also offer ink stain removal services on an emergency basis to clients. We also provide same day services to our clients who need it. Get in touch with us today for getting ink stains off from your carpets and rugs.

    Gum Stain Removal From Rugs

    Chewing gums are extremely sticky and should be disposed with care. Throwing them here and there or on the carpet floors makes them stick to the surfaces and harm the fibres. If left unchecked it will stick permanently damaging the carpets in the long run. Our expert carpet cleaning specialists help you in getting rid of gums that have dried and remained on carpets. Contact Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane immediately if you are facing any similar problems.

    Food Stain Removal Service

    Food stains can happen when you drop food crumbs, curries or gravy food on the carpets. Even kids can stain the carpets while eating food. So for these stains, we make use of a combination of mild and strong cleaning solutions diluted with water. Feel free to connect with us for removing ugly food stains at economical rates and make your carpets look pristine and clean again instantly.

    Slime Stain Removal Service

    Dealing with slime that is used by kids in their playtime is a difficult and tedious job. Also, if you attempt to clean it yourself you are just increasing your work. Let the experts deal with such sticky jobs instead of messing your hands. Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is the perfect solution for dealing with slime stain removal as we have all the necessary cleaning agents and know-how to deal with carpet slime stain removal in a careful and appropriate manner.

    Red Wine Stain Removal Service Brisbane

    Red Wine stains make your carpets and rugs look ugly. We conform to all the rules and regulations laid down by Australian authorities. There is proper hygiene followed by every carpet cleaning specialist hired at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. The use of combination of advanced equipment and techniques removes stains left by wine spillage on the floor effectively.

    Emergency Carpet Tea & Coffee Stains Removal from your Carpet

    Sometimes pets or children’s activities can lead to mishaps wherein your mugful of tea or coffee gets fallen on the carpets and causes staining on it. The carpets catch such stains very easily because of such beverages. And if you try to blot it out yourself, it may spread deeper. Eliminating them with the odours is essential. In such situations, you can rely on Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and give us all details. We will be more than happy to provide you emergency services to you in no time. Our team of carpet cleaning professionals is very enthusiastic and working 24*7.

    It is very vital to do away with the tea and coffee stains from your carpets as there is a higher chance of damage to the core material. Our unique and harmless cleaning solutions remove these tough stains in no time. Furthermore, we charge a very minor price and provide well-timed service.

    Emergency Carpet Pet Stains Removal from your Carpet

    Your furry friends and kids can wreak a havoc on your carpets all the time. However, there are also other times when have to absolutely get rid of the pet stains from your carpet in a jiffy because your boss has invited themselves for brunch. And you naturally, require a trusted carpet cleaning companies for the job. You do not have to stretch your timeline, as Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, is always at your disposal! Our carpet cleaning team is punctual and will arrive at your place when you book yourself an appointment. They will efficiently remove all the stains left by your pets including those of faeces, urine and other excretion from your carpets using our uniquely developed cleaning solution. We even provide free sanitization of your carpet using appropriate products.

    Our carpet cleaning specialists have been duly trained to deliver the best result and remove the pet urine stains from your carpets in a judicious and instant manner. You are guaranteed 100% pleasing outcomes when you hire us for removing pet stains for you. We do not charge you more for coming to your house on a short notice. Get in touch immediately with us when faced with emergency pet stain removal situations and get reliable services on the same day.

    Affordable Carpet Stain Removal Brisbane

    Stain removal from your carpet with efficiency, ease and long-term results now has become much more affordable! Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane offers stain removal services from your carpets, rugs, upholstery and curtains with their professional carpet cleaning service range in Brisbane. You are guaranteed marvellous results at pocket-friendly rates. We do not overcharge for any of our services and we totally understand how important it is for our clients to get quality carpet stain removal service in Brisbane at lower prices.

    We have a dedicated team that is available 24*7 for our jobs and is hard working and skilled enough to handle smart technology for the stain removal job. The cleansing agents and solutions used by us are made of natural and herbal ingredients. Hence, smelling or inhaling them wouldn’t trigger allergies in your family members and beloved furry friends. Come what may, we have never lowered the quality of our service, and that is one of the reasons of our huge customer-base who come to as repeat clients. Once you reach out to us, your appointment would be booked according to your convenience. Our carpet steam cleaning services are worth every single penny. You would not regret placing your trust on us!

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    If you require any professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane, then feel free to get in touch. At Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane we offer superior carpet cleaning services to each client. Contact us today on 0480090827.

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