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Carpet mould removal Pampas


Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane has been providing timely and effective mould removal services to make your interior spaces healthier and cleaner. Our mould removal and remediation experts have received extensive training in mould diagnosis, removal, and prevention. We provide affordable mould inspections for both residential and business settings.

Before beginning treatment, our staff thoroughly inspects the carpet to determine the source of the mould development. What sets us distinct is our attention to detail and the utilization of organic chemical mixtures. Give us a call at 0480090827 as soon as possible for successful carpet mould removal brisbane and carpet repair.

What is Mould?

Mould is a fungus that occurs naturally in moist and damp conditions. As it grows, mould creates a bad aesthetic appearance as well as causes health problems for asthmatics in particular as well as other people who may have respiratory problems. The tiny spores mould release over time are easily inhaled and when inhaled, can cause general discomfort which presents as runny or blocked noses and eye irritations. Mould appears on carpets when homemakers avoid or leave moisture untreated; they eventually become dry rots & damage the fabric of the carpet. Furthermore, if not treated and allowed to grow, mould can damage structural materials in the house.

Carpet mould removal Pampas process we follow at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane:

Carpet inspection- Our team of experts will thoroughly evaluate the carpet, the region where mould has formed, the carpet’s fabric, and the degree of moisture, then select the appropriate equipment and supplies to begin the carpet mould damage removal process.

Vacuuming- Once they have a good concept of what needs to be done, they utilize a piece of vacuum equipment to remove the mould from the carpet. Vacuum cleaners aid in the removal of germs and dirt particles from carpets.

Cleansing- Cleansing agents are applied generously to clean the mould from the carpets. Though vacuum ensures mould removal, organic surfactants help get rid of mould completely. These cleaners do not cause any damage to the carpet.

The most critical phase in mould eradication is drying, which our team excels at. Mould forms due to moisture in the first place, thus it’s critical to dry the carpet following mould removal. Dehumidifiers are used to guarantee that the carpet is thoroughly dried. To minimize additional mould development, our technicians ensure that the carpet is thoroughly dried.

Antifungal spray- The carpet area both front and back is then sprayed using an anti-fungal and anti-mould spray. We at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane use high-quality & eco-friendly products only. This ensures that both carpet and inhabitants are safe and in a hygienic surrounding.

Prevention- Lastly, our team guides you on how you can prevent mould growth on your carpets.

Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane sends a trained & professional team to help get rid of mould growth. Our team is backed with years of experience & apt resources so they can serve you to their finest potential. For an express quote call us at 0480090827.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. 1. Can bleaching/painting over the mould be a solution?

No. This will surely help get rid of the mould for some time, but it cannot prevent the health hazards that are caused by moulds. Bleaching the carpet may or may not remove the mould but can cause discoloration. And painting over mould cannot stop its growth, so the health risk to anyone who comes in contact with such carpets remains the same.

  1. 2. What if the cleaners damage our carpets?

We use supreme quality eco-friendly products only while performing carpet cleaning and mould removal. So neither they damage the carpet nor do they leave any residues which can further prove to be dangerous to inhabitants.

  1. 3. Can you be available at our time convenience?

Yes. We are available 24×7, on emergencies, on weekends even on public holidays. Your convenience is of utmost importance to us. Contact our team at 0480090827 for further details.

  1. 4. What can we do before your technician arrive for mould removal?

You can vacate the cleaning area by removing furniture & other fragile items so that the job is done faster & better. Do not vacuum the carpet before our arrival as a mould & dirt extraction should be conducted using a high suction vacuum tool that our experts carry.

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