Carpet Stain Removal Brisbane

Attempting the removal of common carpet stains by yourself or the YouTube videos on the internet is risky. It in fact can only do more harm to the carpet fabric. Good quality carpets are pricey and once they get tarnished, they suffer irreparable harm.

So irrespective of whether you drop your coffee mug with piping hot coffee accidently on your carpet or you leave your straightening iron on the carpet for a little longer you need to observe precautions so as to curb the harm ahead of hiring a carpet cleaning team for carpet stain removal Brisbane.

Carpet Stain Removal Technique

Step 1 – Prior to beginning work on your carpet, we examine the material to get an understanding of all the damage that lies on the carpet as well as to find out what cleaning method would be suited for the carpet. After which, we start removing maximum dirt content with the help of vacuums. The older the stain is, the more it goes inside the fibres of your carpeting. Also making it tougher for our stain removal team to work on removal. That is the reason we do not waste time after examination of fabric.

 Step 2 – In this part our team conducts patch test on the carpet fabric by smearing a stain removal liquid on a small part of the affected area on the carpet. That helps us in knowing what type of changes occur after application in terms of the colours.

After this we eliminate the stain and wash the part. Our stain removal methods are harmless and suitable for all types of carpets. Contact our team immediately for getting all the disgusting stains from your carpet removed.


1. How does a mere spillage cause damage to my carpet fibres?
The molecules from the substance attach themselves to the carpet fibres.  If the spill is not attempted to be removed these stains damage the strength of the carpet.

2. Can I attempt to use DIY methods for stain removal before calling the professionals?

Yes, you may do so. Although, DIY methods may only end up harming the carpet fibres. It is anytime better to call in the professionals to remove all stains on your carpet for you to prevent any more repair expenditure.

3. Can your carpet cleaning professionals work on removal of multiple stains from my carpet?

Yes certainly. You can always depend on Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane when in such sticky situations. Our carpet cleaning experts have several years of working experience and knowledge of all stain removal methods. So, get in touch with us and our team will do the needful for you.

4. Is it possible for your team to clean a blood-soaked carpet?

Yes. That is done using our specially designed cleaning methods executed with the help of our high-power equipment that enables us to eliminate a variety of stains including those left by blood.

5. Do your team detach the stain-affected part of carpet and then patch it with a clean part?

No. We utilize cleaning methods for stain removal. With our dependable cleaning methods, there is 0 requirement of cutting any carpet patch for repatching.

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