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Dust mites are minute microorganisms that live deep within our mattresses and carpets. These tiny mites feed on the human cells shed by us every day and also consume dust for their survival. Dust mites are too small to be seen with naked eyes, and due to their lightweight, they can easily float in the air when disturbed. When the vacuum cleaner is used on carpets and mattresses, dust mites start floating in the air. Inhalation of dust mites can trigger allergies and severely impact the health of individuals already suffering from diseases.

With Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane all the dust mite troubles can be kept aside. We provide professional dust mite cleaning services that can make your home a cleaner and healthier space to live in.

Reduce Allergic Symptoms with Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Dust mites leave droppings that consist of a specific protein that triggers allergic reactions.  These droppings can cause allergies of various degrees and keep you in a state of discomfort for a day or two. Our professional dust mite treatment in Brisbane is effective in reducing allergic symptoms. You may experience a boost in your concentration span and feel relaxed at home. Our dust mite cleaning services help in boosting the indoor air quality, making it healthier. With no dust mites in your house and workplace, you can feel experience positive energy and better overall quality of life.

Effective and Safe Methods Adopted by Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Our professional dust mite removal experts provide several unique and effective methods for keeping your house and workplace in a clean and hygienic state. We use our special anti-mite spray that is non-toxic and biodegradable for neutralizing dust mites and their feces. Our dust mite treatment in Brisbane involves the use of a spray that isn’t similar to pesticides or drugs. The anti-mite spray does not cause discoloration to the fabrics and is completely safe to use on different surfaces.

People suffering from skin allergies or respiratory diseases should avail dust mite cleaning services, from Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Our cleaning techniques and chemicals are safe for your curtains, carpet, mattresses, and upholstery. We efficiently remove all the dust mites for providing maximum relief to our customers. Our products are all well-researched in Brisbane and our dust-mite removal process also adheres to the Australian safety standards.

How to keep dust mites at bay?

Eliminating dust mites is crucial for maintaining better hygiene at home and the workplace. But, there is a lack of awareness among residents of Brisbane. Regular vacuuming of the carpets, curtains, and mattress, can help in preventing dust mites but to an extent. There is a major problem with vacuuming, as it activates dust mites in the air while cleaning.

Avoid such problems and rely on Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane for providing an impeccable dust mite cleaning service. Just give us a call on 0480090827 and make a booking now!

Dust mite facts you should know!

Dust mites are microscopic and difficult to detect from naked eyes. These tiny organisms can be found anywhere, from the sofa to the carpets and mattresses. Dust mites thrive in moist and warm conditions and feed on human dead cells. Here are some other facts you should know:

Dust mites can survive on dust.

Humans shed skin every day that can found in places like carpets, sofa, mattresses, and so on.

A single female dust mite can lay over 300 eggs in her lifetime.

Dust mites may have a lifespan of over 170 days.

A single dust mite release 200 times more excreta than their body weight in their lifespan.

The droppings of the dust mites trigger allergies of severe intensity.

Although dust mites are present everywhere, however, 50% of the houses have extreme cases of dust mite infestation.

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None of the carpet cleaning competitors can beat the remarkable services of Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Our reputation and industry presence has become possible because of our diverse and loyal customer base. We give our best to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction, every time!

Whenever you need dust mite cleaning services rely on our professional services. Get in touch with us by calling us on 0480090827!

Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane FAQs

1. Can I remove dust mites from the carpets by using a vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaners we use at home are less powerful and not capable of extracting dust mites and other finer particles from the carpets. Therefore, availing of professional help for dust mite treatment in Brisbane is highly suggested.

2. Should I use a cover for protecting my carpet from dust mites?

You may use protective layers on your carpets and it may reduce dust mites infestation by some percentage, but it won’t help permanently. Also, the whole purpose of getting carpet becomes pointless when you can’t see its true beauty. Therefore rely on Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane for maintaining regular hygiene of your house by eliminating dust mites from your carpets.

3. How long does the procedure of removing dust mites last?

Our professionals are quite experienced in performing dust mites treatment in Brisbane. On average our process is complete within 20 minutes. Based on the kind of material and problem level, our time frame may go up or down by a few minutes.

4. How expensive can carpet dust-mite removal be?

All our services at Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are priced at reasonable rates. Based on the fabric, dust mites infestation, and damage done the charges may vary. You can receive a free estimate over the call as well. You can easily avail of our dust-mite removal services on the same day of booking without any additional charges.

5. Are dust mites harmful to humans and pets?

Yes. Although dust mites don’t bite or cause severe harm to humans in a direct manner, their feces are dangerous for us. Their droppings have certain protein that triggers allergic reactions in humans and can cause respiratory and skin problems.

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