When to Replace or Get your Carpets Cleaned?

Carpets can last unexpectedly long when taken care of. However, not all homeowners take good care of their carpets and end up getting carpet replacement after a few years.

On the other hand, many remain confused about when to replace and when to get a Carpet Cleaning Booval. The confusion is obvious, however, there is an answer to your doubts.

The decision of when to replace and when to get professional Carpet Cleaning Ellen Grove depends on several factors, which we have discussed below!

  • Stains

Carpet stains are an important factor that helps in deciding when you should get your carpets cleaned and replaced. If the stains are of a minor level and professional cleaning is enough to remove them then it is best to opt for carpet stain removal services to restore the beauty of the flooring.

However, if you have carpets that have ugly stains caused by mould growth, and pets which have severely destroyed your carpets, then replacing them is the best option. Further, your heavily stained carpets can worsen your allergies if not treated on time.

  • Water Damage

Water damage accidents happen at least once in every household. Sudden spills, leakages, overflowing and so on can easily damage your carpets. However, the extent of damage done to the carpets decides whether or not you should replace them.

If your carpets have remained soaked in the dirty water for over 48 hours, then it is best to go for a replacement, as restoring these carpets won’t be worth it. However, if your carpets have been flooded for a short time and are in clean water, then getting them cleaned by hiring professionals will give the best results!

  • Carpet Age

Carpet age is another helpful deciding factor in whether you should go for carpet cleaning or replacement. If your carpets are new, and they have any kind of problem, they can be restored, and repaired by the experts of Carpet Cleaning Mount Gravatt East.

However, if you have an old or delicate carpet at home, which has developed a serious problem of mould growth, water damage or heavy staining, then replacing them would be the best option. Old carpets become fragile and cleaning them may cause more damage.

  • Wear and Tear Damage

When your carpets have minor wear and tear they can be easily repaired at home by hiring professionals. However, when the same problem arises with old carpets, repairing them can be a little complicated, as the fibres become weak.

Here, if your old carpets have minor damages you can consider getting them inspected by an expert first. In case of severe problems, it is best to go for carpet replacement and save yourself from unnecessary hassle!

Final Words

Now you understand when to get your carpets cleaned and restored and when to consider replacing them. Get professional help from Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and keep your carpets clean and fresh for a long time!

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