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What’s Lurking under Your Carpets?

Carpets can instantly add colours to a dull space making it look beautiful. The soft floorings provide warmth during harsh winter yet the carpets are home to millions of allergens. Regular professional carpet cleaning Hemmant is necessary for maintaining hygiene. 

However, many homeowners don’t pay attention to routine carpet cleaning Windaroo. They are simply unaware of what’s lurking inside. The bacteria and allergens hiding in your carpets can take a toll on your health. 

And, here is a list of allergens that are hiding in your carpets! 

  • Mould and Mildew 

Mould and mildew are present everywhere including your carpets. These fungi just need an ideal condition for growing and multiplying. When the carpets remain at an ideal temperature and have moisture and food on them, the moulds start thriving. 

These moulds are dangerous for your carpets and health. Over time the moulds can permanently damage your carpets and leave ugly stains. The odour from the decomposition becomes worse with every passing day. That is why availing professional carpet cleaning service is important! 

  • Food  

With kids and pets at home, food and its crumbs can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, the presence of organic matter on the carpets is not good news. Organic matter starts decaying in the carpets and releases odours and attracts other pests to your carpets.  

Here, it is important to pay attention to your eating habits and routine cleaning if you want to keep your carpets clean. 

  • Insects 

Pests aren’t simply attracted to carpets they look for food which is found trapped in the carpet fibres. Pests like ants, moths, cockroaches, and fleas are often found lurking on the carpets. 

Moths are attracted to carpets made from fur and wool. Whereas, fleas are brought into the carpets by your pet. Ants and cockroaches end up around your carpets because of food particles or stains. 

  • Dirt  

Carpets are subject to soiling. They absorb a lot of dirt, soil, dander, pet hair and so on. These contaminants remain trapped in the carpet fibres and damage their beauty. 

Over time the dirt build-up becomes severe and starts taking a toll on the health of your loved ones. One may experience triggers in allergies and breathing issues around dirty carpets.  

That is why getting rid of carpet dirt is important with regular vacuuming and routine professional carpet cleaning Cedar Creek 

  • Bacteria 

Millions of bacteria keep lurking in your carpets no matter how clean it looks from a distance. Many carpet owners only consider hiring professionals once they start experiencing discomfort or worsening health problems from being around their carpets. 

Make sure you get your carpets inspected by the experts and get them clean regularly to avoid health problems! 

Final Words 

Your carpet is home to bacteria, moulds, dust and allergens which can make you seriously sick. Make sure you stay one step ahead with regular professional carpet cleaning and keep your loved ones safe and healthy! 

Contact Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Brisbane for quick professional carpet cleaning services! 

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